Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Writing a Diary

It’s been ages I wrote a diary, earlier I used to be a regular in writing, but these days just frizzle out soon by half way through. This time I am hoping to cross the winning line. It’s actually fun to read what you did years ago and how you felt now. Maybe things would have changed, even perspective. But the thought of feeling that someday makes it worthwhile. :) Transports me back in time.

I know with so much technology developed who writes a diary? You can always create an online diary and keep it updated. Yes, it’s a fun thing and as much would save space too, but the fun of writing in a book with pen, in our own handwriting transports us to the most beautiful era of our lives. Relieving the childhood I guess is an advantage enough to start writing or rather connecting with our own writing again. Try, I’m sure you will not regret and once you start enjoying you would be able to open up more and there’s no looking back.

Today the realization of the day was to sit down and write and reconnect to my old self. I am enjoying the process, hope you too would.

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