Wednesday, January 18, 2017

World of blogging

never planned to join the blogging bandwagon; it was just an impulse decision. Out of curiosity I started penning my thoughts. I had asked my friends to read and share their thoughts on the same. They liked and said that gave me a little push needed to start a blog. Now it’s been close to 6 years that I have been blogging. Yet learning everyday something new and I am excited about this.

I found lots of wonderful blogs like from the editions of green boochi, dreamymommy, little princess to name a few. I was amazed and am still amazed by their clarity of thoughts, writing flair and what not.

Every time they out do themselves with a new and even better posts. These things motivate me to do better. Even today, my blogs are not very famous or known, but a few of people follow me and read my blogs. There might be lot who read and never comment or add themselves, but it’s OK. Earlier, this used to disappoint me, I even thought of just deleting this space, but thought better of it. Today I am in a happy space when I take part in blogothon or complete a challenge. I may have not gained many friends but knowledge, yes. I too will reach my desired place.

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  1. Yes, the journey is amazing and that's what matters the most :) Keep writing Kavi. Glad you feel that way about my blog, happy to know you and connect with you :)


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