Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review#23:The Shaadi Brouhaha :Anjlee Shah

Launching a newbie into the Indian matrimonial scene is like introducing a new iPhone in an already saturated market – has to be sleek, overflowing with catchy features, and better than the already available versions. So when twenty-five-year-old Nitya Trivedi is forced into it by her ever so enthusiastic mother and pestering relatives, she hardly knows what she has bargained for. In her journey to find her soul-mate (??!!), she becomes Dollarkumar’s Poundkumari, ends up fasting on party days to make peace with her horrorscope, attends hilarious ‘arranged’ meetings through various matchmaking portals and people – all under the nose of her extremely evil, but deliciously debonair boss Rudra Desai. With besties tying the knot and cousins ‘stealing’ prospective grooms…wonder how Nitya’s mother will find the perfect match for her only daughter. But as always, love will find a way in the midst of The Shaadi Brouhaha.
My Reviews:

Set against Gujarati background, this book gives a first-hand experience of the arranged marriage scenario. Most of us would connect to Nitya. A story heard by all and normally gone through if you are having an arranged marriage. I liked the way the author touched the common topic with a dash of humor to it. It’s a nice, breezy read with no major twists but puts a smile on your face. Those who got married would connect to the incidents mentioned. Those who haven’t will get an idea of how arranged marriage works.

My rating:
For a debutant author, she has done a good job. A feel good book with a happy ending. Makes a nice light read. I would rate this 3/5. Hope Ms Shah keeps writing such simple and entertaining books.

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