Sunday, January 08, 2017


Memories this day brings. Always awaited and the most special day of the week. Loosely translates as Fun day. This day mom used to cook elaborately, breakfast and lunch. Getting up late and oil bath is one of the leisure things we used to look forward to. J

Sometimes we used to go out for breakfast. There used to be a small hotel then nearby “Annapurna”, a place where the most amazing South Indian food was served. Be it the dal wadas, or the dosas, pongal or adai butter, the food there was always awesome. Eating out those days was very rare so we used to value that. Since the market was close by, after breakfast we use to buy fresh veggies and a nice yummy lunch would be cooked. J

Those days TV didn’t have so much channels so we would be lucky if a nice Hindi movie is telecast or else would have a nap in noon. The Sunday newspapers are another story with wonderful posts and articles in series. We would keep looking forward for the continuation of the story next wee.The iconic programs in the morning were the one we used to wait for ( In detail in next post). Evening used to be playing time or would go to the garden, play in swings, eat some chaats and back home. A simple dinner, and a little sad face thinking of Monday schools and a hope and smile for the next Sunday. J

The wait begins. Oh the small pleasures of life.

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