Monday, January 16, 2017

Something new learnt

With a busy week ahead, and a nice weekend passing by with festive, getting back to routine is difficult and boring. So today when kiddo went to school and back, and it was time for class, and he was not in a mood to go I was not happy and dint talk to him for sometime. He did all the talking, I didn't respond.
Later when he went down to play, n I was thinking, I realized I'm being so unreasonable, as a kid even he has right to be moody like we do. So what's wrong in he taking a day off as per his wish? That thought Transported me back to my childhood when we never went to any class and played all the time. When one day he wishes that why was I unreasonable??

The next moment I said sorry for my childish behavior and he like all kids forgave me too. 😊😉😃
Whoever says kids don't teach us anything? I today learnt a valuable lesson :to respect his small choices too..

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