Friday, January 20, 2017


There are so many whys which remain unanswered. A human mind is an amazing creation. So many thoughts cross our minds every day. I wish could count them. Maybe i would lose count as they are innumerable counts that a mind goes through every day.

1. Why my rotis don't come round all the time?

2. Why is losing weight so difficult for those who want to lose and vice versa?

3. Why does mind wander so much?

4. Why do many (most) of us make promises and break them?

5. Why are the simple pleasures of life lost?

6. Why do we get the best of thoughts when we are asleep or busy?

7. Why can't we read others mind? Half of the world problem would be solved.

8. Why is ego so big? Why do we value our ego so much?

9. Why do we crave for moms food as we grow up when,as kids all we loved was eating out?

10. Why are good times short and worst/ bad so long?

11. Why do we always wish to go back in time?

12. Why are the childhood days so special and we always miss those days?

13. Why do people change?

14. Why do we miss/ value our parents so much after we grow up?

15. Why do we start valuing things once we start losing them?

And there are so many questions that remain unanswered.

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