Saturday, January 28, 2017

Observations about Parents

Parents keeping track in a child’s progress is normal. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me the most. We all want our kids to do well, but I feel all the kids are different from others. We all know and agree to that but when it comes to comparing marks we conveniently forget that and this comparisons give nothing but unnecessary pressures to the kids and disappointment to us.

There’s always going to be someone better than our kids. We need not fret over it. Instead we should compare the child’s progress with his like whether he scored or performed better than last time. These grades won’t matter in the long run. Some kids are great with academics, some with sports, some with art and craft.
We should encourage their talent and give them support instead.

At the end of the day what matters more are guiding them to be a better person. More than grades what matters more are how well they use the knowledge gained in practical life. No point in running in the rank race. At the end of the day they are all numbers. I know there are times we falter, the only thing we can do is realizing this and trying to curb our competitive instincts. Being competitive is good but being comparative always might not always help.
By saying this I am not against participation, just that we should teach them to work hard and not worry much about the results.

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