Thursday, January 26, 2017

MS Dhoni- The untold story

Movies these days don’t hold attention for long. Half way through and I lose interest.Otherwise, movies today have lost their depth,most of the movies cannot be watched with kids, thanks to lot of things.Gone are the days when songs had lyrics and beauty. The classic songs are still remembered with lyrics. These days songs are so bad that we outgrow them easily.

I hadn’t watched many biographies either so watched M S Dhoni- The Untold Story with not much expectations. It’s a trend these days of biography turned in movie. The good people ones are inspiring, maybe would encourage the next gen to take up something they are passionate about and not give up so easily.

This one is inspirational. Any kid wanting to play a sport (especially cricket) I feel should watch this movie. The story of one of India’s finest captain has been told beautifully. The struggle, the emotions, mannerisms has been learnt beautifully by Sushant Singh Rajput. This is his first movie I have watched, and guess the best one. J

I am a cricket fanatic and I love watching matches and knowing about the journey of my favorite cricketers. A biopic that I would recommend my kid to watch just to know how life is and what struggle his favorite cricketer goes through to become one of the most celebrated cricketer of India.


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