Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making kids eat

One of the most challenging parts of being a mom is to make kids eat the right food. They are always ready to eat the junk ones. Nowadays with so much blogs and help easily available online this work has become a little easy.

But still the challenge to pack healthy lunchboxes remains. For me it still remains as the kiddo very easily get bored of the varieties. To make them eat salads or nutritious food still remains a daunting task. Lucky are a parent who’s kids easy the right foods without being fussy. These days I try to experiment a lot with the combinations (sometimes it works sometimes it flops :D )

When we were kids we used to polish off whatever mom used to pack, we never had a choice. Rather we were taught to eat whatever was packed. Those days with big families it was difficult to give a preference to each one, so whatever suited the budget and easily available was cooked. J With changing times and kids growing fast enough to make their own choices, the challenge grows tougher.

Packaged foods are capturing a huge market, with big marketing and continuous promotions by attracting kids favorite cartoon character, sportsperson, toys. With time, I guess and really hope “Home cooked doesn’t become a thing of past”. Nothing beats home cooked food, healthy nutritious and without colors and preservatives. I hope am able to impress his taste buds with my cooking. J

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