Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lows of Life

Tough times are sometimes very cruel. They have an ability to shatter even the best confidence. The saying “When the going goes tough, the tough gets going” is very apt and true. But there are times when everything goes wrong and you are just bugged and in mood to even make an attempt to set things right. How do we go on in these times? How to gather yourself and bounce back?

Some tricks I feel helps are:

Believe in self, maybe things are not great doesn’t mean wouldn’t be ever. Situations and times change. Wait for the right time.

Pick up a hobby: I know maybe not a right thing to do maybe, but definitely help. It transports mind to a different direction and helps relax. Especially reading, cooking, walking, dancing are good stress busters. Make a choice and learn something new.

Laugh more. Watch good/ comedy movies. Big stress reliever is laughing.

Keep yourself engaged. There’s nothing worse than an empty mind.

Pray/ Meditate, they have the power to heal us.

Write a diary, penning your thoughts, feelings. Every time and everyone will not understand how you feel. Writing helps.

Go out, meet people, make new friends, and call your parents. Be around good, genuine people who can keep you sane and strong.

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