Friday, January 13, 2017

Let’s Promise

Let’s Promise:

To be kind and little more accommodating to our kids.

Listen patiently to them.

Not judge them always.

Have faith in them and give them a fair chance before jumping to conclusions.

We won’t compare them with other kids and pressurize them to live up to the standards set by THEM.

Not vent our anger on them.

Understand the fact that all kids are different.

Give them the freedom to choose .
Respect the choices kids make, allow them to choose from young age as they would learn to choose when they grow.

Don’t thrust our own,unfulfilled dreams on them and burden them to follow them without their wish. Each one has their own choice, a doctors son need not be a doctor and vice versa.

Teach them the importance of friends, life and respect your friends, elders and even critics.

Learn the value of money.

Respect money.

Learn the value of food. Never waste food.

Always help the under privileged ones. They need love more than anything else.

Be positive always.
Read books, watch TV,tablets less.

Take up a sport. It helps channelize energies and focus better.

Respect a girl.

Learn to stand up for their rights and stand for what’s right, even if the road is

Never EVER Give up, as that’s the easy way out, value life, share their feelings, be vocal and compassionate. In life, nothings are fair and always right. Things might be not perfect or right always, we need to understand, accept and still bounce back.

PS: Please feel free to suggest more such values, in case I have missed any. These are the few things i felt i should teach my kid. Maybe you all have many more small/ big things that can serve as a good guide to many moms like you and me.

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  1. Wow so well written. . Really makes us think where we r going wrong


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