Saturday, January 21, 2017

In laws

The most important and complicated relation in marriage is dealing with In laws .It can be tricky as well as smooth, depending on how both of them handle/ treat the other one. The most things here are the mindset. If you treat your daughter in law as one, be less judgmental and try to listen and understand her point of view too. The same thing applies to the daughter in law too. Most of the times, a girl when get married looks forward to keep the families bonded and not break as is the notion. I feel the mindset of blaming the in laws/ daughter in law for anything going wrong with your son/ husband is clich├ęd and untrue.

Every relation has its own strength and weaknesses, working on them would make them strong. Communication is very important and to be keep an open mind to what the other has to say. Closed minds are like locked doors, without opening the lock cannot be opened.

Respect and trust is the most important thing. Instead, we keep holding grudges, keep things to ourselves, go on a defense mode, misunderstand and things go downhill from here. In laws can be like another set of parents, only if both parties believe that can happen.

Life is short and our take away is not material things, only good name and great memories. Make living the life worthwhile.


  1. Nicely written..I think generation gap is a main factor in this relationship...also possessiveness for the son


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