Saturday, January 07, 2017

Daily Chores

Small things, to me matter the most. I guess must be the same for almost all ladies to have a happy day at home front. Some of them I hope goes right are:

The tempering being golden brown and not turn black. Milk boiling and not brimming out in few seconds I turn my eye. Batter fermenting for nice spongy idlis and crispy dosas. Proper salt in food. Rice not going soggy. Veggies just rightly cooked. Cakes baked coming out just perfectly baked with a nice golden top.( i guess i have a lots to add here but not remembering, please feel free to suggest, the more the merrier)

I know these are small things, but they matter the most. A perfect home cooked meal, enjoyed by all gives me a different high. Now, I am not a much disciplined person who likes things prim and proper. There are days when nothing goes right. Those are the days I feel, we need the golden sweet words the most. A nice message puts a smile on my face, a nice book read, and a nice chat with a friend I guess these are the oxygen that helps us keep going. These are simple things that make life more worthwhile. The most important one being of loved and respected, accepted for the way we are. :)

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  1. Oh these small things do matter the most for me too! :)


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