Friday, January 27, 2017


Conscience, maybe not many remember this nowadays. People these days have become practical more. I ME MYSELF is the mantra of this time. Gone are the days when even if we lie or by mistake get an extra rupee from the shopkeeper or on the road we would try to find the owner and correct this. Nowadays, people see and take the money shamelessly even after knowing if belongs to whom.

People these days are not helping either without any agenda. Being selfless is the thing of past, these days people even get away killing someone and in spite of knowing their fault they plead guilty. I wonder how their conscience allows them to be so cool and thick. On the other hand there are people who even unintentionally if they hurt someone with their words are not able to sleep till they ask for forgiveness.

Honesty, conscience, truthfulness are becoming rare and at this rate I fear for the next generation. They might not even know the meaning of these words. Trying to teach kid’s importance of these things and more I feel is becoming more important.

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