Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Cartoons these days are a sham. The ones we used to watch used to be funny as well as goo with content. The other day I was surfing the channels and was zapped to see animated Charlie Chaplin and that too in Hindi. (The hindi too was local types).

The Tom and Jerry we watched never had dialogues, their act were enough to make us laugh. The Disney Classics, Uncle Scrooge in Duck tales are still remembered fondly. These days with new episodes being created, I feel they are tampering the classics. The innocence, the charm is lost. We can easily get bored watching the new ones more than once. The tapori language one hears in Oggy the cockroach is enough to spoil the whole generation. The kids learn Hindi from here; it makes me sad when they try to speak with that accent and dialect.

Gone are the days of Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry ,Duck Tales, He man, Gayabaaya , these have paved way for Doremon, Oggy and the likes.

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