Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Bucket List

It’s been high time I create a bucket list. I always dream of have a note of such things and I always keep postponing. Today I decided to sit back and note.

Here they go:

1. Have a candle light dinner with hubby at home at least once in a month.

2. To go for a professional baking course.

3. To become an entrepreneur.

4. To own a library. Have a great collection of books.

5. Travel, explore new places and find joys in small things.

6. To be able to learn a new language, challenge myself.

7. Learn photography and be creative with presentations and setting up a table.

(I envy great food blogs as the presentation of the food is super awesome.)

8. To be able to recite Saharasranamams and shlokas with perfection without help.

9. To become a successful blogger, chef and a better human being.

What are yours?

PS: I shall keep updating the list as and when i feel anything new or achieve something.

1 comment:

  1. That is one good bucket list, Kavi. I have not given much thought to mine, it's probably time.


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