Friday, January 06, 2017

Books Challenge

Last year I just missed fulfilling my challenge by a few ones. (Ok 8 to be precise) This year again look forward to start the challenge and finish.I have assigned myself a target of 90 books.( A little difficult to achieve but worth a try). Maybe time to be more disciplined and regular with reading.) 😄Last year I read quite good ones and a few bad ones too. J

This year too I have started with gusto. Now have to see how much I fare. Last year I even wrote a few reviews for the books. This year have done for one. Hope this habit continues. The author I love reading and look forward to these days is Kavita Kane. All the books written by have blown my mind. I love the way she writes about the mythological characters we have forgotten about or maybe have realized their sacrifice.

Be it Menaka, Urmila or Uruvi, she has presented them in a new light. Now I’m super excited about Lanka’s Princess which would present Supranaka in a new light. Kudos to the author for such wonderful writing. I also hope to read some good biographies, straight from heart and some wonderful stories that you and me see around. I love reading stories with happy endings.I have also re read quite a few.

What are your reading goals?? Looking forward for some reading tips from you all. :)


  1. This year I have set no goals, reading wise. If I can enjoy reading again and read some good books, that should do it :) All the best for your reading challenge!

  2. Thanks dear and all the best to you too


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