Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book Review#22: All Rights Reserved for You: Sudeep Nagarkar


Every relationship requires effort but a long-distance relationship requires extra effort
Aditya is a writer while the mere thought of reading repels Jasmine. They have absolutely nothing in common. Not even the cities they live in. Yet nothing can stop them from falling head over heels with each other. With distance playing spoilsport, they must forget all conventional logic and give their relationship a real shot through Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But can you trust your partner who’s miles away from you? Can a long-distance relationship really work?? All Rights Reserved for You is the heart-warming real-life story of a couple who is separated by distance but is never really far apart. 
About the Author:
I haven’t read much about this author. A few here and there books, which didn’t impress me much. The blurb made me want to add this to the list. So I had picked this with zero expectations.

My review:
The books talks about long distance relationships. In this day and time, having a love life as this and maintaining with the pressures if life is very difficult. As the author says in times, when the last seen on whatsapp decides the importance of the person or relation, this book focuses on the positives of the good old faith and trust in any relation. I was pleasantly surprised in the end knowing this is the authors own story. The book talks about the importance of love, friendship and how we react differently to tough situations. Some fight back some give up.

I felt it’s a feel good book wherein you feel happy that everything’s fallen in place. A story that makes you smile and also believe in love stories and the sacrifices one does for it. With divorces and break up happening at the drop of the hat, this book talks about understanding ,maturity and trust which is the base for any relation.

I would rate this book 3.5/ 5 as it made me smile. This book doesn’t surprise or shock you. But sure to make you feel good and value life and loved ones.

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