Monday, January 23, 2017

A letter to MIL

PS: This is not a personal post, just a few thoughts i gathered by speaking to a few people.

No, I am not against them. I respect them the most and believe some daughter in laws are the luckiest to get a most understanding Mother in law. But this just a point of view of the ones who don’t often get to put across their point and share their dilemma.
When most of us get married, we come with a hope that if not a daughter at least we would be treated as a daughter in law, a human being and would be given time and space to understand and adjust to the new relations and family we enter.

We accept that mistakes are a part of life and given a chance, we would make sure not to repeat them. But please don't hold them against us for there are a lot of things we don't realize in this new life marriage brings. We seek your patient guidance and blessings.

We too would become moms , we go through a lot of pains and we also would like to give the right value to the kids, help/ guidance appreciated but not all views you give would be followed by us doesn’t mean we don’t respect it’s just that we too have a point of view.

If anything you don’t like or feel we doing are wrong, feel free to communicate. We are not perfect we do mistakes we learn, don’t misunderstand and hold things we say randomly against us. Maybe we might not even have meant what you gauged. Like we respect and love you in spite of the differences between us you also should forget and forgive and hold them for a lifetime. This would always become a barrier otherwise.

We don’t expect to treat us as a daughter form the word go, but at least treat us like a daughter in law and keep an open mind, maybe we will be the daughter you always wished. We would make an attempt to at least be one.

Daughter in law.

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  1. Sincere and frank communication can break down the walls of prejudice. It may sound hard, but easier than many would like to think.


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