Sunday, August 21, 2016


 In a country if 125 crores and many sports. It took the determination of girls to stand up and fight for the pride of the country when the "so called " socialist were busy talking about what they never even attempted. It's time to start respecting the efforts of sports persons who work hard without any facilities. They are the hero's who fly in economy class and without any perks and still try to win something for the country. A country where people judge you without even knowing the efforts you have put in. The odds you faced to reach there.

Proud of the girls who have won acclodes for the country.  A country where all we know of is the names of Bollywood stars and cricketers.
It's time to respect and acknowledge the other sports other than cricket. We have talents we need to nurture them by providing amenities. Motivate.

Proud to be an Indian.. 

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  1. Completely agree. One not only needs to respect and acknowledge, but also act! Mission 2020!


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