Sunday, July 31, 2016


The most beautiful day of the week is here. The most relaxing day, when clock takes a backseat and our hearts take control. Have a fun day with leisure breakfast, an elaborate lunch, a great nap ,a nice book that makes the wait worthwhile and a quiet walk alongside in the evening.

With rains, the idea of chai with piping hot pakodas, samosas sound very inviting. J Family sitting together chit chatting and enjoying meals or movies together, laughing, discussing and puling each other’s legs is my idea of ideal Sunday. Seeing your kiddos fighting for the last bite makes me fill with happiness. As a child me and my bro used to fight for who gets to eat the maximum pakodas or the crumbs that comes with it. J Those were fun days.

What’s your idea of an ideal Sunday?

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  1. Sundays!!! they come and go before I can blink! there's so much do on a Sunday! I think I relax more on a weekday!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess



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