Sunday, July 17, 2016


The other day, after long time tumbled upon an old album of the kiddo. Was going through them and realized how much time flew without me knowing. Kids grow so fast, i know sounds cliched, but a very fact we realize when we go through old snaps. Since they are always around us we never realize how fast they grow.

For me, time stood still when i saw him for the first time. I can never forget the moment when we both were looking at each other for the first time. I sometimes wish i could find out what he taught about me when he saw me first ;) ( I know wishful thinking). I wish i could rewind time and live those moments again. Lot of the memoirs captured, when i was seeing them was trying to recollect how he used to be. Lot of places here my memory fails.

I feel like they are all blur, a life i lead before him sounds to me like earlier birth. I have forgotten how we used to ,what we used to do before him. Maybe with them growing so fast, all we can hold is "memories".Hug them, hold them close to heart, a peck on their cheek now, ruffle their hair now. Because tomorrow he would grow and would not even like these silly things we "moms" do. :)

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  1. yea..and that's why those videos, sound clips recorded on mobile, pictures in albums are all so precious...memories are all we'll have left.


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