Friday, March 24, 2017

Cooking woes

Ask any woman what’s the only dreaded question and she would be quick to retort, "What to cook". I mean seriously I feel blessed are the souls, who need not have to face this, task of deciding the menu, especially the husbands. All they contribute in this conversation is saying "whatever".

Kids aren't helpful either. Mine would ask for anything out of blue and if I say the ingredients aren't there he would say "Mumma then why ask?" “Do whatever you wish as usual. Whatever I suggest you always categorize as junk or unhealthy” So again to same burning question, "what to cook"? There are days when my mind throws lots of options, so much that making a choice among st them becomes a deal and the other extreme is days when I open the fridge and wonder what to whip of the ingredients available with minimum effort?

This challenge doesn’t end here as I go to bed with the same question of what to cook for the next day. Every day to cook something new and suiting everyone’s platter is quite a task and this thrice or four times a day. I feel cooking Is not a challenge but the real challenge is what to cook. Even if you have a cook like few lucky ones there’s no escape to this question.

Whatever be the burning question of the nation be for a female it is “ What to cook?”

Do you face the same issue?

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  1. It is not just the females who face this problem sis.. it is a universal problem. Even I have the same dilemma all the time when I am cooking.


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