Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rains and more

With rains hitting the city and the temperature dipping down it feels like awesome. Sounds cliched, i know but i love rains. But they do cause chaos now, with school reopened, morning hurries.In such great weather you feel like sleeping a little more. ;)

Rains bring back great memories to me. We all used to school forward for a holiday from school and just stay at home and play.The first rains every year are always special as we all used to get drenched. I still miss the college friends and the whale of time we used to have together by walking in the rains getting drenched, enjoying that paani puri and piping hot samosas,wadas, bhajjis with the road side vendor. The combination of getting drenched and savoring on hot food is just lethal. Those were care free days. No worries about tomorrow and falling sick. We had parents around to take care and fall back on.

Leaving you with a wonderful monsoon song, i am humming today.

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