Thursday, June 09, 2016

Fever, Exam and other things

With school reopen, and getting back to routine time for kiddo. :( Always a little difficult to think that vacations comes to an end. It means routine sets in so does the discipline to do things on time.

Had an external inter school competition which co incided with the school opening, so end of week vacation was about studies and revisions. Didn't make him slog in the vacation, which i felt good about. :) No camps, extra classes yet we enjoyed the vacations. We drew, read story books, went for play dates. Just like old days. More than him, i was happy that he spent his vacations doing nothing. In this times, sometimes spending time doing nothing is an achievement. Most of the times, schedules are choc o bloc and we are always doing something.

By Sunday evening, coming home kiddo was down with a bout of vomiting and fever. This went for the next couple of days. Doctors,medicines, eating them eat khicadi, kadi and likes took away a lot of time. The most difficult thing for parent is to see kiddo sick and lying without being a brat. Trust me it breaks m heart to see him helpless. I am sure all mom's would agree. When they fall sick, they lose weight within a day, and to get them to gain that weight it takes months of trying to get them to eat healthy. So much for being healthy. :(

So how was your weekend??


  1. Its a part and parcel of growing up, being sick and recovering. So don't worry too much about it sis.

    Good to know that the imp enjoyed his vacation of doing nothing....

  2. its indeed an achievement to do nothing these days! Somehow the mentality is to keep oneself occupied at all times which is very sad! Kudos!
    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


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