Monday, May 30, 2016

The Grand IPL Finale

With more than a month and a half extravaganza the much celebrated cricket mania comes to an end with a equally interesting finals played yesterday. Of course both the teams played great cricket and the team that held their nerves till the end won.The match was equally poised and both the team had their chances.

Most of us were hoping for Bangalore to win after their extra ordinary turn around performances, but i feel they clearly underestimated their opponents.Wrong choice of bowlers in the dearth and too many runs in the end cost them the match. Hyderabad displayed good bowling by not giving away too many runs to Bangalore in spite of Bangalore having top batsmen in their side. Bangalore is too dependent on their top order and that was very prominently seen in their chase as after the top ordered departed they couldn't still take their team to the finish line.

Felt bad for Virat Kohli and was hoping that he would cross the 1000 run mark this season, hard luck he couldn't and yes, hoping that he continues his form for many more years to come. Must have been very difficult to come this close and not win, but simply put Hyderabad played better than them yesterday.

Love you Bangalore and we support you always, win or lose you are still the heroes. The Phoenix who rose and shone.

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