Sunday, May 29, 2016

Modern day Parenting

I am guilty of a lot of things when it comes to parenting a child. Giving in to their demands is one of them. These days parenting comes with a price. Gone are the days when kids used could be satisfied even by giving permissions to play outdoor till late evenings and allowing them to sleep and wake up as they please.

Modern day parenting comes no cheap like old times. These days kids are smart enough to unlock the cell phones even by observing from a distance. Today parents have to compete with malls, gift shops ,gaming zone etc.With so many distractions around is it easy to keep the kids away from them?? Kids these days prefer gaming to books ( few of us are lucky to be able to fight the PS4 and inculcate the reading habits).

I guess this has to start with parents. If parents inculcate the reading habits and spend time reading books or penning their thoughts, maybe the kids would pick up the same traits. As parent we have to be responsible as to what values/ examples we set. Also maybe not giving in to all the demands of the kids would help.

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