Tuesday, May 24, 2016


With summer vacations, coming to an end and school opening round the corner, running around for the parents have started. Coming back to routine for the kids is one challenging task as they get used to having their way around since the past two months.

Now have to start planning the menus for the breakfast, lunch boxes. New books, new friends, new uniforms when i see the twinkle in his eyes talking about them, i get transported to my childhood. We used to be all excited and nervous. (In fact every year i used to make a note to keep all my books neat and well maintained till the end of the year, which somewhere half way would be lots :( )

We unlike, these kids won't get the new text books. We used to carry forward the old ones used by friends/cousins. Lucky few used to get brand new all text books every year. We always liked and used the second hand one.

The fun of June is about to start and i am as excited as my kid and am looking forward for all this year has to offer.

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