Sunday, May 08, 2016

Being a mom

I know we all feel the pressure of being a super mom. These days women's multitask so much, that they forget to enjoy the roles they play.

Being a mom is one such wonderful experience. To be responsible in making the child a better human, inculcating the right values, teach them to be respective, educate, so much to do and I can say only Mother's can do that. I know and agree it's a tough job but the pleasure it gives us is always something that cannot be expressed in words.

Mom, now I understand the satisfaction of giving the bigger piece of chocolate or leaving the major portion of my favorite food, which is even kiddos favorite. Now I know the happiness in cooking what the child loves inspite of being tired. Now I understand the pain when the lunch box comes back unfinished, now I relate to the worry, when kiddo falls sick and how difficult I find to see him in that state. Now I understand the happiness when he leaps for a hug, now I relate to the smile when kids do well. Now I understand the joy in the pain of giving birth.

Thank you mom for being there always. Thank you God for giving a chance to experience this roller coaster journey called "Motherhood".

Happy Mothers day to all wonderful ladies who experience this wonderful journey, and the ones who are going to enter the club. It's a wonderful journey with many ups and downs, but hey, that's what life is all about, right?



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