Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V for Virtual A-Z April Challenge 2016

These days most of us celebrate festivals/birthdays/ anniversaries virtually. With technology developing, and life being fast paced and challenging we all practically have no time to even enjoy the little joys of life.

Earlier, companies used to give holidays for all important festivals,like Dusshera, Diwali, Raksha Bandan etc.With MNC's and BPO's taking over where we are required to provide a 24/7 support we are slowly forgetting the old traditions which once we used to enjoy and look forward to. Sadly, now most of us don't have time. If it goes like this, maybe our future generation would not even know of them.

In a nutshell,celebrate our festivals, culture and spread joy among people. It's not always we get a chance to be happy and smiling.


  1. yep...festival wishes, birthday wishes etc have all become virtual these days...if this continues, our kids will forget what people to people interaction are.

  2. The pace of our life is so hectic that we dont have time to do the proverbial 'stand and stare', which is kind of sad. I thing, it's time for us to quit the rat race and truly live in the moment and enjoy life with family and friends.


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