Monday, April 25, 2016

Understanding A-Z April 2016

Another important aspect of any good relationship. Being in the same page helps. Understanding also means not misunderstanding the person. There are times when we feel the person we trust the most might not be able to react the way we expect them to during certain situations, that's where understanding becomes important.

Good times doesn't require understanding difficult times test your understanding of people and situations. Understanding does not always mean agreeing to what you say always, it also means the ability to oppose if wrong, take a stand when needed and be respected for the difference of opinion. It takes long time to build a good relation, double efforts to maintain them and just a few misunderstandings and arguments to break them. Understanding someone is not a one sided thing, for any relation to be successful both people involved must understand and support each other.

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  1. and the most difficult! Most of the time we claim to understand and yet hardly do! Good one!



When friends or someone whom you have grown up with practically, share memories with,starts distancing because of some silly misunderstandi...

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