Friday, April 22, 2016

S for Smile A-Z Challenge April 2016

The best thing to do when life throws situations or things we have no answer to. To smile is the best answer to all difficult situations. A contagious one at that, it helps ease out tense moments. I am not saying it is an answer to all problems, but yes I feel it’s a best way to face tough situations.

A smile can be a start of new friendship, end of a silly fight or argument. A smile can help even difficult persons melt. The best part of the smile is; it’s free. By smiling you just release the tensions and clear all negative thoughts. That helps in giving everything a new fresh perspective/ try.

Very rightly quoted:
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

So, smile more henceforth and increase your quality of life. Smile even at strangers, who knows what good a magic of smile can do to them, maybe it helps a tense person, feel better, and a person who has lost hope may get hope. I know that smile might not solve the problems but I am sure a smile might at least give us the courage to face them.

One more simple but effective quote:

"If you find someone without a smile today, give them yours."


  1. Smile - It keeps people wondering what you are up to.. We have regressed as a society when a smile is looked upon by suspicion and a frown in considered common nature.

  2. A smile is wonderful to give and receive. I try to smile most of the time. I think its why most of our license and passport photos look uniformly grim and scary is because we can't smile in them. I tried to smile with my eyes in mine and that resulted in them being even scarier I think. Dropping by on A to Z challenge

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this space and would visit again.

  3. aptly put! Indeed a smile puts everything straight....even with strangers!


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