Thursday, April 21, 2016

R for Relations A-Z Challenge

We all have our share of good and bad relations. Good ones make us happy, gives us confidence and makes world a better place to live in. Bad ones teach us lessons, realizations, maybe even hurt us but that’s the beauty of life, you win some, you lose some.

Every relation, I believe has a life and every relation needs attention and work. It can’t be one sided or even taken for granted. The best part of any relation is the emotions of the people involved and the trust. Just one thing would like to say; be it any relation, good or bad, learn.

Work hard to keep up the good ones. Give it your best and if for some reason the relation breaks, accept the fate and move on. Every relation has their own fates and they require efforts from both the sides.Respect and always value the thoughts/actions of other persons. And if they are convinced about not making you a part of their life anymore, believe me it's not worth an attempt. Because when minds are closed and decisions without even hearing your side, the doors are closed.
One sided relations never grow or are worth the efforts.

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  1. true...we tend to invest a lot of emotions in a relationship, and we do look for reciprocation.


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