Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q for Queen, A-Z Challenge April 2016

Every daughter is apple of eyes of her father. Always treated like a princess; Loved, pampered and respected. When she grows and gets married, the father is the one who cries the most, as he’s giving his piece of heart to someone else. Expecting her to be loved and respected and forgiven like he has.

Marriage changes everything. The one who’s loved and treated with so much love and respect is expected to change overnight, take charge and become dutiful forgetting her choices. Nothing wrong in the expectations as every family has their own rules and way of leading lives, but she should be given time to absorb the changes. It’s very easy to judge someone in the first time and hold that for a lifetime. The princess becomes a queen slowly with time and experience.

Give her that, show some compassion and she would double it for you. Accept her as she is and she will even change to suit the needs. Don’t force her to toe the line in the name of rituals and traditions. She too is someone’s daughter. The saddest part is people who have daughters judge their daughter in law, in spite of being the parents shoes themselves.


  1. somehow, in-laws never take on the role of parents, and very few princess' become queens!

  2. That's hypocrisy at its best in our society, my daughter needs to be treated as Queen by her in-laws but I will treat my daughter-in-law as a slave.

    Women are the worst perpetrators in this cycle.


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