M for Mom A-Z Challenge April 2016

“Gods couldn’t be everywhere so he created mother” So apt they say. 

“Mother” a wonderful creation of God. She’s the first person we look up for everything. The first person whom we owe our life to. We all grow up and move on with lot of things, make new friends, visit new places etc. but she is one person static in our lives. Happy taking a backseat as our priorities change. We most of the time don’t even realize that she’s growing old. For her we are always her priority.No matter how old we grow, the first word we say when in trouble or unwell is "Ma". Her food always nurses us back to health when unwell. No matter how old she grows, or how tired she is shes always happy to cook for her kids.Her energy and unconditional love never ceases to amaze me and I am glad to be able to experience this after being a mom myself. Thank you Lord.

We take her for granted most of the times. When chips are down, the first person we turn to is her. She motivates, encourages and stands by us at times, when even have doubts over ourselves. When we are unwell, how much ever we grow; the first word we utter is ma. We love her, but never find time to tell her. We all always wish and believe she would be with us till the end of time.

In life, everything is temporary, but this is one thing I want to be permanent. I wish my parents to be with me as long as I live. I dread to think of the moment when I would have to be without them. Blessed are people who have their parents with them in their old age too. I wish to be one of them.


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