Monday, April 11, 2016

I for Involvement A-Z April 2016 Challange

As a parent, this is one thing I always keep reminding myself to be in control of. Kids grow their thoughts, behavior and way of looking things change. That’s where we need to draw a line.

It’s very easy to get involved because as a kid, the child is always dependent on you for all little things. For them it’s all about your views and choices you make. As they start growing they start making their choices, which may not be in sync with ours that is when we need to start analyzing our behavior and start reducing the involvement. Too much involvement spoils the relations and we as parents tend to overdo things unknowingly. We keep thinking we are doing for the child’s benefit, but somewhere by doing this we are denying them their right to learn to choose.

If we always decide for them, when they will learn to make choices, stand by them?? Making mistakes is very important as that’s how even we have learnt better things. Being a responsible parent is being involved in the development of the child by helping them make decisions and allow them their space. Involvement is a very important aspect of a good relation. But this holds true when we are able to control our feelings when needed.

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  1. Yes there is a fine line between Involvement and interference, especially when kids grow up. My in laws like to get involved in our day to day life and like to know every little thing we do . Sometimes this appears as interference to me but to be fair to them they find happiness in our happiness and that is the only reason they like to know what we are upto.

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