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Friday, April 08, 2016

G for Generation April A-Z challenge 2016

Things, we all know keep changing. There’s always a gap in the way we see things and our elders. With time, things and the way we look at things change. From good old days, we all keep talking of this Generation Gap.

Some things I feel happy that things have changed but for some things I feel the previous generations have handled things better. Previous generation people had time and use to find means to communicate and maintain relations which sadly, this generation lacks. The older generation used to fight and had the patience to wait for things to fall in place which sadly, this generation doesn’t have.
But the new generation has an open mind, to learn for new things and is not scared to experiment and stand by the decisions they take. The new generation is also ready to take risks and doesn’t follow all conventions blindly. They have the courage to question the old traditions, find answers and accept the changes whole heartedly.

Wishing all my friends a Happy Ugadi ,Happy Gudi Padva


  1. There is something wonderful about every generation. I loved your point that the older generation was rather calm and forgiving who let things be after a fight unlike the tumultuous times today.
    But then today's generation is working on making the world smaller & smaller :)

    My Era @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In


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