Thursday, April 07, 2016

Friends, Friendship n more A-Z 2016

What's life without friends? This is one wonderful relation where we get to choose from whom we should be friends with. We all have good n bad experiences, we all have people to fall back on, but ho guide us, love us and help us, make our life, worthwhile.

Friends are people we can be yourself with. They are the ones who do crazy things with us, laugh, cry. Blessed are people who carry the same set of friends for lifetime. Even more, blessed are those who keep making new, ones and also hold to older ones. Psychologists, say if you are friends with someone for around 7 years that friendship lasts a, lifetime. Don't know whether true, but I feel maintaining any relationship requires efforts and Understanding from both the people.

There, are friends who go without talking for long and still maintain the same wavelength, intensity and vice versa.

In a nutshell, hold to your friends, love them and count on your blessings for those who have the best set of friends.

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