Sunday, February 21, 2016


The other day we had been to school for the Parent Teacher Meet. Was a very interactive session which we never had in our times. Our parents most of the time were only familiar with the class teachers. Very rarely had they interacted with our teachers and our progress.

These days such sessions play a very important role in the development of the child. Plus, parents these days have become more interested and alert in knowing about the development / progress of the child. Although, like all this too have their pros and cons. I find these sessions very interesting as this gives me a fair idea of how the child behaves in the competitive environment. But I also feel, these sessions should be a little more personal.

Personal, in the term that if they have a not so positive feedback about a particular child, they should do that in person, maybe with the parents, co-coordinator and the teacher. Small kids should be refrained from such meets as they lose their confidence and trust easily, which affects their overall life. Parents also feel embarrassed when negative feedback are given in a room that includes other parents and kids. I understand and appreciate what the teachers try, their involvement in making the child better etc., but they should also consider the child when criticized in front of other kids and lose maybe their morale.

Just an observation and some thoughts triggered this post.

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  1. Oh why are they publicly giving comments on a kid. Thats not right!


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