Saturday, January 30, 2016

Those slam book days

Technology has given us choices and speed. But time is something we need to make to use them. The choice to make a call or message is ours. I know it sounds clich├ęd, but time needs to be taken out, we never have time. Like in movies they say that “waqt chalta hai aur kharch hum hote hai”. The letters, postcards, greeting cards still speak a lot more about the attachments/the bond we shared.

The slam book/autograph book was the best one we had. We, when young, could never afford the glossy books so we used to take notebooks and decorate it and pass it on to all for filling up. Reading them still makes me cry. So many friends, so many feedback, so many promises to be in touch. The book still has so many memories etched. Its still my most treasured ones alongside greeting cards,letters.

Some friendships are still there, some moved away with time. But am glad they had crossed my path and b my friend even though for a limited period. Those were really wonderful, carefree and fun days.

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  1. We should think about starting one online and asking our friends to fill it for us now!!! Maybe it will help us reconnect to some whom we have lost touch with completely.

    Yea, I know facebook does that to some extent, but I think only slambooks would be great, no continuous chitchat but connection is short sweet bursts.


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