Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Siblings, the most wonderful relation anyone could have. The most easy/complicated bond we can share with. Only people who have siblings could relate to this. 😆

Mine is easy at times, difficult at times one. We have tided highs and lows together. We have had the best of memories and dull ones at that. Bro, today I accept I have been the Naughty one and have put you in troubles most of the times. But still you have been the most special and the best (if I can still say that) bonding I have had. Can’t ask for more. I know there is many scope for improvisations in our relations. But still I am thankful to the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful bro. You have been understanding, caring and my pillar of strength.

Love you always and stay blessed.


  1. Feels nice finally being appreciated... :) and yes you were the naughty one, I still can't listen to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I6Q71jSQ7A without shuddering!!!!

    1. That's sweet song and cute memory. ;)



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