Friday, January 01, 2016

Report Card 2015

I am not the person who believed in resolutions.However, yesterday just went through my last resolutions and was surprised to find many of my resolutions being fulfilled. Felt great to see for the first time, me keeping up to my words.These were what i had resolved which i could do a decent job with. Shall soon share a post with the 2016 ones.

1. Read lots and lots of books. 100 to be precise. Check

2. Would be less irritating and develop inner strength and be more patient. (This one’s going to be difficult) Work in progress.

3. Listen first, speak later and SPEAK LESS.I talk a lot, time to keep a tab on that. No much success.

4. Experiment more with cooking, and start my blog and maintain by posting recipes regularly. Check

5. Meditate, get up early and stick to the promises made. 😑

6. Be less Judgmental and accept and work on my own flaws.😣

7. Diet, workout, lose weight, be healthy.(Its getting permanent on my list these days.) Work in Progress.

Quite a decent progress I feel. Lot to learn improvises on. Hey but life gives you another day, another chance.

By the way , Did I say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.. May this year fulfill all your dreams and aspirations and bless you with great health,peace and prosperity.

HAPPY 2016

Hope to fulfill the Blogging Marathon started here and keep up to the resolution of a post a day.

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