Thursday, January 21, 2016

Platonic Love

This according to me is the most pure form of relation. This is something more than friendship and love. Lord Krishna and Draupadi shared this wonderful relation. They could share anything and everything with each other but their relation was above all the physical expectations. Yes, they understood each other much more than their partners understood them..

We all, at some point of time need a friend who doesn't expect anything from us. That soul mate is the one we all look for, the one who loves us unconditionally and won't judge us. Krishna loved Draupadi and stood by her when she needed him the most, but never judged her for being wife of five or falling in love with Karna whom she had rejected yet loved.

Lucky are those few who get to experience such kind of love and friendship which cannot be described in words nor understood by many. The society always expects relations to be labeled but I feel there’s always something which cannot be labeled or given a name. Like someone who loves you for what you are, who stands by you but is not your life partner, who is a part of you but never expects anything from you. They might not be the one whom you always speak to but in crisis, they are the first one you think of.

Have you experienced such love?

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