Sunday, January 17, 2016

Morning or Evening

For some, getting up early in the morning is a task, and for some staying up at night. I love getting up early in the mornings, to do puja, go for a walk when the sun is rising, cooking on festive days or even so as a routine. Mornings help me DE-clutter. You can plan the whole day ahead and also have some time for yourself. Some light exercises /brisk walk also help set the momentum for the day. I love getting up early and starting my chores. Also seeing the sun rise in the sky, the shades of bright orange looks breathtaking.

I am also an evening person. I love going out for friends, chitchatting them and staying up late at nights, gorging on a bowl of Maggi with loved ones. (No need to roll eyes)

It’s fun and yes time just flies when you are loved ones around chitchatting and reminiscing old days. I still remember the late sittings at work, or when was studying. (They don’t excite me anymore and I dread them anyways.) I don’t have the best memories of exams and studies. :(

What kinda person are you? Morning or evening?


  1. Definitely not morning!!! I still remember the cold water mom used to pour on me to wake me up in time for school!!!

    Brr!!! But sadly professional life is also no different, gotta be early in office... I MISS my sleep!!!!

  2. Morning person if there are no exams.. Evening person if its not sunday evening..

  3. Hey sorry I tried comment via openid that didnt work. not sure if you received at your end

  4. Hey, Srividhya,

    Welcome to my blog and hope u have a great time reading my posts. I agree Sunday evenings are sometimes boring :(



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