Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life as such

Gadgets these days have taken over our life. Now we don’t need family dinners together as the new idiot box (read smartphones) have replaced all the roles and peoples in our lives. This has helped us in connecting to people staying far but we have lost the fun of chitchatting with people staying with us.

The other day, I saw a family of 3 sitting at home. The kiddo watching TV n parents both glued to their phones. People staying in the same house get updates about what is happening in their lives via Facebook and watsapp. Birthday wishes, Anniversary wishes all have become virtual. Gone are the days when we used to look forward to meet people and enjoy those moments by keeping them in memories. These days’ selfies have replaced that. Good that we can save the pictures and see them whenever we want but sad, that we forget to enjoy the moment fully by keeping on clicking pictures. Sometimes I wonder, is it that important to announce to the world of what you are doing every minute? Or is it important to enjoy the moment?

We are so absorbed in this new age digital phase that we sometimes even forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Like playing with the kid, chitchatting with people around us. I am happy I still have friends whom I meet and who are also never interested in clicking pictures for updates. Just meet, enjoy the lunch/ outing and go back laughing. When I see my kiddo doing that, I feel I should do this more often. Just leave the phone and go out and enjoy. These days even kids have become so tech savvy that the moment they see something new they want a selfie with it. L Have its pros and cons. Sad, but true. Times truly are changing and it is important to inculcate the right value in kids. Important to spend time with them, listen to their talks and play silly games. Facebook and watsapp are here to stay, growing year’s just flies. Suddenly we see the going independent and I definitely don’t want their life updates from FB and watsapp. I want to connect to him without a technology, face to face.


  1. Quite true Kavi. Although I am glued to my phone, I will never let it impact my personal life. I especially have updating fb and stay away from it.

    1. True and feel equally sorry to this state when we have to compete with technology for attention.:(


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