Saturday, January 09, 2016

Deja Vu

Seems like yesterday, I was in school enjoying the no worries, carefree phase of life and suddenly feel years flew and I am a mom of a kiddo. How weird is that? I mean being a mom is the biggest gift ever and I would be forever indebted to the Almighty for blessing me with this wonderful role.

Sometimes for some things, I sound the same like my mom, like when kiddo wants to eat out, prefer junk food over healthy ones, etc. J It’s something like it all rushes back to me the same words, same reaction and the same answers. Even we as a kid, used to love what the other kiddos get in their tiffin boxes and expect mom to learn and recreate the same one. Now after years, I get to hear the same demand from the kiddo and I was amazed that I answered the same way my mom used to.
Something called Déjà vu, same issue, same reactions and same answers. Guess something’s never change. And yes, sorry MOM i now understand the pressure and your feelings now when I am expected the same thing.Now i understand how you must have felt when we used to criticize or not finish food which we didn't like.
Truly, what goes back comes back.

Have you experienced anything like this? Would love to hear your experiences.

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  1. plenty of times Kavi! I even wrote a fiction by the same name...



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