Friday, January 15, 2016

Change of teacher

The other day,we had been to school for the Parent Teacher Meeting we got to meet his new teacher.This is the 3rd teacher in the first half of the year for the kiddo.

That made me think about the lack of responsibility on the part of the teacher and the school.They should at least make it a rule that a teacher cannot leave in the middle of the year as it becomes very difficult for the kids to adjust and for the teacher too..

It takes time to build a bond with the kids,kids take time to open up and accept a new teacher.Especially when it come to small children.They have their own thoughts and reservations and habits.So the understanding/learning pattern also gets affected when the teachers change.Some kids are comfortable with a particular teacher,who understand how to handle the kid..

When a new teacher comes,shes unaware of the background,needs time to settle down,build a bond.I feel the education gets affected when a teacher changes.

Its time the schools start thinking and making amendments in this matter.With the kind of competition and vast portions such changes would somewhere hamper the child's progress.


  1. Hi, Please may I have your email id to send a book review request. Thanks

    1. Dear unknown,

      Common courtesy says you at least mention the book name, the author name and your connection to the author before asking for email....

      A concerned brother!!!

  2. Hey Sis,

    I agree with you on change. It is a matter of perception, people aspire more for symbols than contentment. I really appreciate our school and our teachers, we have known then for our entire lives...

    But then we lived in another time and another era!!!



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