Monday, January 18, 2016


My family defines and completes me. And my friends, they are someone who understand and don’t judge things by face value. We all would agree to that, more or less. Other than this what comes a close second, is Books. I am incomplete without books. I love my books. I just can’t live without them. All the corners of the house will hold a “currently reading” book. The couch I sit in has one half read,J the dining table has one, writing table has one and wait, the bedroom holds one. : D I simultaneously read 4 books. Wherever I sit I start the book I had half left.

They give me thoughts, ideas and also put a smile on my face. Books are stress busters. The more times you read a same book, the more you get to know something new about the story/character. Only people who read books would relate to this. I someday, would love to buy all the books I desire. J Maybe start my own library. Reading is a good habit and there is no PRICELESS gift than books. You are never ALONE when you have books with you. They can be friends. Would like kiddo to inculcate this one habit from me.

Also I am very passionate about cooking/baking. (Maybe that would require a separate post. :P) What are you incomplete without?

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  1. My books, my laptop and my fav blankie!!! Thats all I that I need.

    Of course I would like to call you once in a while just to harass you!!! ;)


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