Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bike riders: A humble request

Bike riders these days are just being very impossible these days. They feel they even own the footpath. Where do the pedestrians walk in that case? I know everyone’s is busy, have no time to waste etc. But show some civic sense people. It’s very disheartening to see even educated people not following traffic rules.

Roads are for driving, not footpaths or edge of the roads; leave some place for people to walk too. Ambitious people I see every day, showing stunts like talking on the phone and driving, full speed driving, zigzag driving; the sight scares me but they are not bothered. .So many people/small kids lose their lives because of talking and driving,zigzag driving. Sigh, but we still never learn

Value yours and others life please, be careful and a responsible driver. Main roads or busy roads are not for showing stunts. Don’t drive and talk on the phone simultaneously. Most important of all follow the lane discipline. Waiting for a minute won’t do much harm.

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