Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Random thought

I have always been a big fan of Interiors and good food blogs. Although most of them are picture perfect, I also like the little imperfect ones those are the ones I relate to. I know the perfect ones look perfect to me today, but when they started they too would have had the not so perfect picture moments. I know for a food blog having perfect pictures means half job done. I too am working towards it. Maintaining any blog requires creativity and the guts to adventure with the ingredients. I too wish to be able to hold myself there someday. J
I started my food blog in a spur of a moment. Without thinking much. I thought the more I plan the more I would never be prepared. So is life, if we want to try something I feel the moment is NOW. There’s nothing called perfect or correct time. It’s like if unless we fall we won’t rise. Falling doesn’t mean end, it means a new start too. I hope one day I reach the benchmarks I set for myself. It’s a long way, with lot of challenges, but then what’s life without challenges and ambitions? ;)

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